Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween

Our friends got married last night on hallows eve and to tribute the nearing hallows night, they had a tim burton's corpse bride wedding cake! It's one of the most creative and well made cakes I've ever seen! Best part, it tasted great as well.

Happy Halloween!

Friday, October 30, 2009

French Country

While Ed was away on a business trip this week, my girlfriend and I went out for dinner and stumbled across the topic of "if you could live a different life, what kind of life would you want to live". For some reason, I think I'd want to be a famous writer living a simple life surrounded by close friends and family on a country side farm. I don't think I'd want glitz and glam, rather a big land and a beautiful french inspired country farm house with animals. Not having to be dedicated to being a farmer, but living a farmers life with the ability to leave to the big city if I wanted whenever I wanted. Better yet - lets make that French country farm house on a winery with a beautiful quaint bistro restaurant that Ed and I would own. I'd still be a writer of course.

The idea of having a French inspired farm house is so desirable to me. The rustic, old-world, yet welcoming charm. Sunny yellow with soft golds, firey red and burnt rust, bright grass green and cobalt blue with soft ocean tones. Bright black and dull grays punctuate the bright colors. Raw wood distressed furniture, lighting fixtures, and furniture give warm color and wonderful lines. Natural materials, stained and full view of hefty beamed ceilings and stone fireplaces.

image by:Decor Pad

image by:Country Living

Typical of French Country interiors are pieces with contrasting texture and color. Pale plaster walls and ceilings are punctuated with dark rough wood beams. Colorful Provencal printed fabrics are set off against light-toned natural seating.

Deeply cut window sills hold tall, narrow windows. Shutters close to keep the hot sun out in the summer. Windows and doorways are encircled with wildly growing vines.

image by:Season All For At Home

image by:Apartment Therapy

C'est bon!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Where Do You Work?

I'm working on putting together a work station next week and came across some great inspirational images from Molly Luetkemeyer from M Design LA.

This colorful office is full of great pieces. I love the bookshelf, the table lamp and the art piece in the back that totally make the room.

This office is so feminine. The organic shapes and the soft fem colors really brighten this office. That wall decal actually looks like it's swinging down from the ceiling. Very interesting.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Wall Decal - Yay or Nay?

image from:apartment therapy

I have a love hate relationship with wall decals. Some of them like the image above are a really smart and fun alternative to traditional spaces. It creates conversational pieces and gives flat 1 dimentional art a three-dimensional quality. However, there are some that can come off very childish.

Here are some really clever ones that I think are particularly interesting...

image from:country living

putting vinyl on furniture gives new meaning to plain boring pieces. more than any other place, i think wall decal works wonders in nurseries or in childrens rooms. it gives the space some character and adds fun elements that is easily interchangeable.

Ultimately, I think the real answer to wall decals are how they're used and where you decide to use them.

what do you think? what are your views on wall decal??? yay or nay?

Monday, October 26, 2009

Brandon Barre

I'm a fan of Brandon Barre's photography so imagine my surprise when I see an email from him this afternoon with more fabulous shots of interiors created by designers such as Candice Olson, Jane Lockhart, Justin and Colin and many more ....

here are a few of my favorites.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Modern Baby

This week is my nephews 2nd birthday and I'm racking my brain trying to think of what to get him. What do you get a boy that already has everything he could possibly wish for??? So I'm thinking of putting together a little gift box full of goodies for both him and his parents.

I recently came across Kids Haus who has tons of great ideas for kids. She recently posted on these fantastic porcelain baby bowls and cups from Hana Blomst.

How cute are these! They're porcelain mind you, but you can keep them as decor until the kids grow old enough not to throw their plates and cups. I wouldn't mind having those in my kitchen :)

They also have these great chairs for kids, I'm especially drawn to the rocking chair. But the funky blue capsule chairs are pretty cool too. Beats the plastic dollar store chair I used to have as a kid that broke on me one sad day.

I'm also a big fan of wooden toys. They're non toxic and sturdy. Check out some of my favorites from Coochicoos.

The band set is cool, but mommy and daddy would probably not appreciate this one too much!

After work tonight... time to go shopping!
Have a great weekend.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Dee Dee Taylor

I've blogged on Dee Dee before, but after seeing new projects of hers I had to post again. Not only does she create amazing spaces, Hannah recently completed a line of jewellery entitled Maison de Blossoms with Myles Mindham who is a Canadian born jewellery designer.

Her designs are timeless. So lush and rich with exquisite attention to the smallest details. Master of meshing traditional pieces with modern pieces. I absolutely adore her work and am always proud to see young Canadian women making a difference in the world of architecture and design.

Play Me A Tune

I first sat in front of a piano at my nannies house in preschool. I remember my fingers could barely reach from key to key but when they did, the sound of the strings would bring such a smile to my face.

After a week of begging for my very own piano, my mother put me in lessons. I loved it. Every week when I learnt a new song or a new scale I would show off every chance I had. By the age of 10, the passoin started to fade and when I hit 16 I no longer sat in front of my pinao. Now, more than 10 yrs later the only family love my pinao gets is from the photos that sit on top of it.

I must be turning a milestone because I've started to miss the touch of ivory against my fingers. I wonder if I can still play, not the chopsticks but Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart - Piano Concerto No. 21.

photo by: Susan Bacton Interiors

photo by: Ingrao

photo by: Bella Casa Design

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Sit and Stay

Ed and I have been house hunting for quite some time now. Unfortunately, we've had no luck in finding our perfect dream home. The biggest turn off for us - tiny entry ways.

For me, I love to enter and feel as if I stepped into a home, not a hallway or a landing strip between 2 flights of stairs. It's a pet peeve of mine that I can't look past.

I came across these great entry ways, an inspirational jumping board for me to remember when looking at homes. The thing I love about them is the space, large enough to fit a seating area. Perfect for me, who takes 15 mins every day to put on my boots!

photo from an article in Louisiana Homes and Gardens taken from the blog of:Bayou Contessa

photo from:Sarah Richardson

photo from:Country Living

Tuesday, October 20, 2009


I was reading the Nov edition of House and Home when I came across an article on Luce Gayrard's house in downtown Montreal. It was love at first sight! the effortless mix of my hearts weakness, French Provincial furnishings meshed with the simplicity of modern 21st century designs. The images of red velvet Louis XV style dining chairs against soft upholstered white day beds, leather sofas lush with textured pillows. My heart skipped a beat or two.

What is it about the Marie Antoinettes of french antiques that captures my heart?

This French antique Corbeille bed upholstered in a Galicia fabric by Sanderson is...

This antique French Rococo style chair covered in bright stripy Ziva fabric from Harlequin .... speaking of which....

..... tomorrow I will reveal my next project. stay tuned!

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Stocking Stuffers

I'm back.

It's been quite the hiatus, but I'm finally back in full force ready to get my blog on again. I know we are now just cornering October and Halloween comes before Christmas, however this year I've made it a point to start and end all my Christmas shopping before the holiday rush. On my current list of "to get's" ... stocking stuffers!

Hanging stockings over the fireplace mantel, or on the stairs, in the bedroom or just over the living room sofas have been a family tradition in my home. Growing up, the goodies I found in my stockings on Christmas morning gave me more joy than opening up the gifts under the tree. It's the thoughts behind the little gifts, the creativity and the sheer joy of finding one, two .... three and then four gifts that turned my heart.

Choosing stocking stuffers can be really fun. A great way to come across gadgets and trinkets you've never seen before. The best way to choose stocking stuffers is to look for items that match the recipients hobbies or interests. Sometimes, the smallest gifts are the most delightful. A little creativity goes a long way toward finding the perfect stocking stuffers for everyone on your list. Here are a few of my finds this year....

For the entertainers like myself, unique kitchen gadgets or decorative serving utensils make fun stocking stuffers. Better yet, aprons and tea towels are great and easy to wrap up. Just roll and stuff!

Check these half aprons out at LAMARQUISEDESANGES

At Iconic, you'll find tons of little goodies, perfect for stocking stuffing. My personal favorites are ...

The dancing men ice maker. What a cute idea for punch bowls or fun drinks for the family. Kids love these!

The snowman kitchen timer. A fun little gadget to help you along your merry way in while preping those festive meals.

For friends or family in the office, the butt pad holder and pen holder. I don't think I need to express how cute and funny I think this is. Follow that up with the butt photo holder.

How about a toothbrush holder for the kids bathroom. Who am I kidding, I'd have this hanging on my bathroom mirror!

And my favorite, the tape holder man on the can ... perfect for all your Christmas gift wrapping!

These little trinkets just bring a smile to my face. If you're in the GTA, check out Iconic at BlueBanana in Kengsington Market.