Friday, October 30, 2009

French Country

While Ed was away on a business trip this week, my girlfriend and I went out for dinner and stumbled across the topic of "if you could live a different life, what kind of life would you want to live". For some reason, I think I'd want to be a famous writer living a simple life surrounded by close friends and family on a country side farm. I don't think I'd want glitz and glam, rather a big land and a beautiful french inspired country farm house with animals. Not having to be dedicated to being a farmer, but living a farmers life with the ability to leave to the big city if I wanted whenever I wanted. Better yet - lets make that French country farm house on a winery with a beautiful quaint bistro restaurant that Ed and I would own. I'd still be a writer of course.

The idea of having a French inspired farm house is so desirable to me. The rustic, old-world, yet welcoming charm. Sunny yellow with soft golds, firey red and burnt rust, bright grass green and cobalt blue with soft ocean tones. Bright black and dull grays punctuate the bright colors. Raw wood distressed furniture, lighting fixtures, and furniture give warm color and wonderful lines. Natural materials, stained and full view of hefty beamed ceilings and stone fireplaces.

image by:Decor Pad

image by:Country Living

Typical of French Country interiors are pieces with contrasting texture and color. Pale plaster walls and ceilings are punctuated with dark rough wood beams. Colorful Provencal printed fabrics are set off against light-toned natural seating.

Deeply cut window sills hold tall, narrow windows. Shutters close to keep the hot sun out in the summer. Windows and doorways are encircled with wildly growing vines.

image by:Season All For At Home

image by:Apartment Therapy

C'est bon!


giorgia said...

Lovely indeed (especially the "Will work for chocolate" cushion, adorable! :)).

Shame there's not a single working link in this blog entry, I'd really like to check out the sites some of these images come from, but I can't reach them from here.

Jennifer Lee said...

Hi Giorgia - the links are now working if you want to check out the sites :) Thanks for letting me know!

Black on White said...

I like country style, too. Every time when life is very hectic I want, more and more, move to the country.
Have a nice Sunday!

Anonymous said...

French Country brings such warmth to everything.
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Love all.....GiGi