Friday, April 18, 2008

60. New Project

image by Harry Allen

i tend to stay away from retail projects mainly because there's just too much involved legally and logistically, however when i met with my parents leasing manager this month to renew their lease on their retail store, they made it very clear that the lease wouldn't be renewed unless they moved locations. my parents work in a big mall - they've been there for over 20+ years and this is their 4th time moving locations within the mall. the only difference this time around is that they're actually putting up some money to do some major renovations to the new space as they would like to expand their business and make it appeal more to the younger / modern generation. how could i not help them out.

the move starts the end of May which fits nicely with my schedule being that the finishing deadline for my project right now is mid May. one right into another. i came across designer Harry Allen and was really impressed with his work. great use of architectual details in a suttle yet striking way. no fuss, no mess, just simple and to the point.

Monday, April 14, 2008

59. Pink

while shopping around Home Outfitters this past weekend, i came across these really cute breast cancer ribbon sprinkles and instantly purchased a handful for cupcakes that i'm baking for my girlfriends bridal shower next month. her mother passed away from breast cancer a few years ago and her wedding colors pink & brown were decided upon as a memorial for her mother. i couldn't resist these ...

so i'm thinking of baking vanilla cupcakes with these cute ribbon sprinkles on them for all the guests to take home as part of their gift bag :)

Monday, April 7, 2008

58. Fabric Hunt

i've been searching high and low for fabric like this one but can't seem to find it anywhere! HELP!

does anyone know of any good farbic stores in the GTA?
i've been to BB Bargoons, Designer Fabric and a variety of little stores on Queen St.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

57. Work Work Work

sorry for the lack of updates lately, just been swamped with work these days. i'm in mid construction on one of my projects and just starting another so i will update with photos by the end of the month!

hope all you guys are well.