Tuesday, June 24, 2008

65. Summer Camping

i love camping!

nothing feels better than waking up in the middle of mother natures wonderous creation outdoors on a hot summer day with nothing but fresh air all around you... but as much as i'm a nature girl, i love to curl up into a comfy warm bed at night and to a hot cup of tea that i can drink in my favorite oversized mug i don't like to keep anywhere else but out of harms way. things i would have never brought to a camp ground before i saw this.

the Air Stream

this wonderful creation will allow any nature lover to enbrace their wild carefree side while allowing those who appreciate stove top kitchens and warm comfy beds over rocky floors and a sleeping bag to join in on the action.

this is perfect for my husband and i. i being the one who loves dirty floors and rocks in my back and my husband who prefers homecooked meals and a flushable bathroom.

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Introducting LO LO

a friend of mine Lori recently decided to go all out and start her own crafts online store. you can check her out here at Hand Crafted Toppers.

she makes and sells toppers that can be used in scrapbooks, photo albums, cards and any other place you could think of. she also takes requests so if you have something in mind that you would like made please, simply send her a message and she will do her best to make your custom order toppers.

i started scrap booking a while ago but never really finished any one book with my busy schedule. but for sure, when kids come along it's something i want to do again.
hey Lori - we should start a scrapbooking club/gathering! haha.....

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

63. Diane & Peter

saturday diane & peter drove down to toronto from windsor and we spent the entire afternoon driving around town taking pre-2nd wedding reception photos.

diane & peter got married last year in vietnam and for their 1 yr anniversary they're celebrating again by holding another wedding reception here for their friends and family who couldn't attend their orignal wedding in vietnam. they're an awesome couple and i had such a great time!

i'll be in windsor on the 21st shooting the reception as well :)