Tuesday, December 30, 2008

the bigger the better

i came across this photo on jasmine star's blog and fell in love with the ladies large beaded necklace. i'm not big on jewels but man do i love these! the long summer dress and large beaded necklace combo is such eye candy. yum. and that's when i came across these from overstock.com


here is a great summer dress, we're planning a vaca in feb/march so i might just pick this number up for our trip!

i think i love this marc jacobs sara stripe patchwork dress

for the love of all things eames

when i started discussing baby room options for my pregnant girlfriend, the eames rocker came up and of course this lead to a whole gushing of eames love. she knows i've been dying to pick up an eames lounger after our move. my husband works right in the heart of toronto and at the bottom of his building is a furniture store where lies a classic eames chair currently on sale for the holidays.

we've been coveting but have been trying to be reasonable with our finances as we just moved into a new place and we're trying to hold tight on our wallet reins. but boy do i love the eames.

jenn: "i couldn't think of a better place to put an eames rocker than in a babies room"
friend: "...tell ed (my husband) to convince dennis that i need one pls! after all, it's for the baby!"

Monday, December 29, 2008

the work room

my girlfriend steph and i walked up and down queen west looking for fun and unique fabrics for cushions and floor pillows but came up empty after the one store we really wanted to visit, we were greeted by a big "closed" signed. the work room is Toronto's first sew and craft by the hour space!

steph introduced me to this place last month and ever since i've been dying to drop by. they have a growing collection of colourful printed cotton fabrics. the entire Denyse Schmidt "Katie Jump Rope" collection, many prints from her "Fleamarket Fancy" collection, cute Heather Ross prints, and Lecien from Japan. Finally, you can shop locally for all those gorgeous printed fabrics. This is just the beginning, they are expecting many more fabrics including Joel Dewberry, Echino and Kokka from Japan.

the next time i drop by i'll make sure it's not a monday and i'll be sure to show you all the lovely prints i pick up.

Get Your Butt Into It

sure, we have a living room full of furniture, but you don't have to be a kid to enjoy just sprawling out on the floor sometimes. whether you want to lie in a sunbeam to read a book or get a good view of the television for a movie, there are plenty of reasons to floor lounge once in a while.

image by blissliving

i think i'll be dropping by the fabric store today :)

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Planting indoors

image by hgtv

i have a delema, we have this great open solarium with floor to ceiling windows overlooking the city at 14 storeys above ground. it's fantastic. the solarium connects to our gallery kitchen on one end and to our living room on the other. it's also one of the first spaces you see when you walk in the door as it's an extension to our living space. so my delema, i want to use the solarium as extra seating, like a reading room or just a lounge but i want to incorporate greens!

i love nature and anyway i can incorporate mother nature into my interiors i'm all for it. but how... i don't have much of a green thumb and i have no idea where to start when trying to bring green into a space. i'm green dumb!

i love the look of this planter box. it's so chic.