Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Sit and Stay

Ed and I have been house hunting for quite some time now. Unfortunately, we've had no luck in finding our perfect dream home. The biggest turn off for us - tiny entry ways.

For me, I love to enter and feel as if I stepped into a home, not a hallway or a landing strip between 2 flights of stairs. It's a pet peeve of mine that I can't look past.

I came across these great entry ways, an inspirational jumping board for me to remember when looking at homes. The thing I love about them is the space, large enough to fit a seating area. Perfect for me, who takes 15 mins every day to put on my boots!

photo from an article in Louisiana Homes and Gardens taken from the blog of:Bayou Contessa

photo from:Sarah Richardson

photo from:Country Living


Merilin said...

I really like the first picture! great volumes and colour combination;)

Jennifer Lee said...

thanks for dropping by Merilin

Mélanie said...

Love the pink sofa in the 1st pic

Jennifer Lee said...

melanie - that sofa seems to be the sofa of choice :)

Katherine Lee said...

oooo.... I love them all! Thanks so much for stopping by Urban Flea, I really like your blog, and will definitely add it to my blogroll. Thanks so much for the comment m'dear!

xo Katherine aka. Urban Flea :)

Claire said...

I like the calmness of the second photo. I'm a big fan of Sarah! Good luck with the house hunt!

Jennifer Lee said...

Katherine - thanks for dropping by as well :)

Claire - That Sarah bench is one of my favorites. Very chic and simple. Thanks for dropping by.

Alkemie said...

That first entryway is just lovely! There's nothing like a grand entrance :)

Karen O.

Jessie said...

Goodness, the floor in that second photo is beautiful!

I have a thing for entry ways, too :)

Lisa said...

Hi Jennn!!

Loving that entry? with pink couch...wowsa! and that last picture is just up my alley!!

Jennifer Lee said...

Thanks for dropping by Lisa!