Saturday, August 30, 2008

67. hi ho, hi ho, it's house hunting we go

image from house and garden

i've always wanted my own place, but now that we're actually looking to purchase, i never dreamed that the whole process could be so hard. it's so different designing for others and designing for yourself, especially when my husbands idea of good design is an old lazy boy and a 72" flat screen! needless to say, our ideas clash - however he's been one of my biggest fans and has given me full reign over the design process of our future home. the hardest part for me is picking a style of home i like, because i just love so many different styles ... i love the metropolitan feel to lofts, the openness and raw architectural details, but i also have a passion for modern country that brings a sense of warmth and serenity to a space. vintage furnishings, lots of textiles and layers on layers of umph oh, what about small space condos for simple living, or ... the list goes on. i can't seem to decide. i'm hoping when i see THE space i will know it and love it.

condos, single detached homes, lofts, town homes .... there's just so much out there.

66. Summer Hiatus Is Over

my summer hiatus is officially over ...
what a crazy roller coaster ride of a summer i had this year. from having to attend 8 weddings, shooting 1, being in 2 and attending all the other 5 (and i have 2 more in september) i had a hard time balancing work with my design with weekend excursions to weddings and on top of all that, i just found out i'll be having to go in for surgery thanksgiving weekend (in canada that's in october for all you americans). needless to say, i've been busy.

did i mention, we're looking to purchase our first home??? well, we are!
this is an exceptionally exciting time for me, being that i've never been a home owner - but as a designer, it's an opportunity for me to really sink my teeth in my own space from start to finish. color me giddy with excitement!

i'm so excited to catch up on all your fantastic blogs!
thanks for all of you who dropped by to share your thoughts and greetings during my absence. it was very much appreciated!