Friday, September 19, 2008

74. For the love of BLACK

black and be a daunting color to work with, especially on walls but for some reason I've always been drawn to the dark allure of black interiors. it's sexy, dramatic and so out of the norm.

so you can imagine my excitement when my client mentioned last night that she wanted to incorporate some sort of black in her space! at first i thought she meant black furnishings but when i realized she wanted more - on the walls, on the floors, on the stairs or where ever my heart desired, my eyes widen and my heart started skipping beats ... could i be hearing this right? I have the opportunity to live out my black interior dreams through her? and so start my quest to find the most inspiring black spaces.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

72. Stylings

if i were a bachelorette, i think i would do a vintage, fem - french country style living space. the elegance and dainty touches bring such joy to me. however, at this stage of my life, i think my husband would have a heart attack if i dressed the house in lace and floral designs!

images by stylist lucyina moodie

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

71. TIFF

TIFF(Toronto International Film Festival) is currently red hot in Toronto right now, we had ticket's to watch "Miracle at St.Anna's" on Sunday and the Q&A with Spike Lee but I came down with a horrific flu that rendered me bedridden so the tickets went to friends of ours. However, I did have a little run in with a celeb ... non other than, actor Viggo Mortensen! He was chilling out, having a smoke in front of his hotel with his friend when Ed and I happened to walk by.

As much as I hate being the star struck fan, we had to stop and talk to him. With a cig in one hand he brought out his other to shake ours and we stood for a good few minutes just standing around chatting it up as if he wasn't one of my favorite actors of all time!!!

I know I won't be able to watch anymore movies this week, but man does the city start buzzing when TIFF starts up. Anyone else have any encounters with celebs this week???

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

70. UW Studios

UW Design Inc. is a Toronto based progressive, multidisciplinary design studio who combines innovative, original thought with an understanding of commercial/residential and practical realities.

I personally love their range of diverse style. Every space they create has a unique feel to them unknown to the others. A true design firm that really caters to the clients.

Monday, September 8, 2008

69. Fall into Fall

i love autumn!
its my favorite season of the year... mother nature just transforms into a dynamic blend of colors and shades that bring a smile to my face. it's the only season when our family gets together - for thanksgiving and then for our annual trip to the pumpkin patch right before the end of october. this season, i'm going in for my surgery the day after thanksgiving so i have a lot to be thankful for!

and while i'm laying in the hospital bed i will be dreaming of fall decor i can start working on while i recover!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

68. Chair Flaire

i saw this image on design corner and had myself a good laugh. the point behind this hilarious chair pad is to transform your generic seating environment into a very modern blast from the past, with prints from antique chairs to classic Eames chairs at an affordable price. "If ya can’t afford an Eames, just make it like you have one."

the creator of this chair pad Chenhhui Su states "it not only transforms our generic seating objects, but also creates personal spaces in the public environment. It changes the environment immediately and temporarily, which in turn brings us an instant pleasure in daily life."

i couldn't agree with him more!
i personally love chairs. they serve so many purposes, from being a functional object to visually captivating objects, conversation starters. but most importantly, chairs can immediately transform a space. taking old, antique chairs and transforming them into beautiful, modern peices of art is what i love to do. here are a few of my favorite chair images.

image from fresh home

image by madison mag

image by homes & garden