Tuesday, March 18, 2008

56. Jennifer Worts Design

Jennifer’s design philosophy is that spaces should be created which speak to her clients’ very specific needs and desires – always reflecting their personal styles and tastes.

for more on Jennifer Worts, check out her website at Jennifer Worts Design.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

55. Taylor Hannah Architect

Dee Dee Taylor Hannah
There are not very many women I admire, so when I come across one that I do - I want everyone to know who she is and what she does that makes her stand out from a crowd. Let me introduce you to Dee Dee. In 1992, Dee Dee established her own practice specializing in high-end residential Architecture and Interior Design. She is also the co-owner of a successful construction and project management company and is able to offer clients a full service design house, from conception to construction complete with custom furnishings and accessories. Mind you, her design/architectural firm is composed of ALL WOMEN! Yes - powerful women in a mans world.

As a mother of two, things were already busy when Dee Dee was approached to co-host a new interior design program for HGTV, “Love by Design”. Dee Dee can now be seen by over 80 million viewers in both Canada and the US making over spaces with innovation and elegance. Recently a guest on the Oprah Winfrey Show, Dee Dee again showed her talents to North America in her swift and amazing ability to transform spaces from the average to the spectacular.

Dee Dee has been nominated for both the Top 40 Under 40, and the Top 100 Business Women of Canada proving that it is possible to balance her business with her family and community obligations. She continues to grow her business and participate in her charitable organizations.

Monday, March 10, 2008

54. Motherhood

i just celebrated my 28th birthday. i know i may seem young to some but for as long as i can remember, i thought at this age i would be married with a great job carrying around 1 or 2 kids. 2-3 isn't that bad...

we've been trying for a little over a year now with no luck. we're making an appointment with our doc this week to see if there's anything wrong with either of us, fingers crossed that it's just a matter of time and nothing serious. even if we can't have children of our own, we've always talked about adopting so all is not lost. but i would love to experience being a mother, carrying a child and giving birth to new life...

Sunday, March 9, 2008

53. Coffinier Ku Design

A new found respect for....

Coffinier Ku Design, Ltd. was founded in 1998 as Etienne Coffinier Design to bring a French-trained expertise in architecture and interior design to the United States market. The firm specializes in high-end residential and restaurant projects primarily in the greater New York area. Designs is based in the classicism of French design but with surprising contemporary influences and concentrates strongly on custom design both architecturally as well as in all furnishings.

I absolutely adore the window treatment, the soft puddling on the ground luminated by a glow from above from the coved inset along the window frame. Sheer elegance!

This kitchen is not only my favorite color - white, but it also has great banquette seating tucked away off to the side.

52. Love to write

my first year in law school i worked part time for a great criminal lawyer in the heart of toronto's downtown core. it was my first time working downtown and more than anything i was excited to work in a modern toronto office, so you can imagine my surprise when my new part time boss sat me down in front of an antique type writer instead of the latest mac laptop and told me that this would be my new desk.

my love for our legal system soon faded, but my passion for antiques and that typewriter stayed. in fact, it started to grow and branch out like a wild weed in furtile soil. i had a new passion.

my part time boss had a good reason for sitting me in front of this type writer. it taught me how to be patient with my writings, to think before i acted, control, time management but the most important thing i took from it, it taught me how to appreciate the beauty, style and importance of doing things at my own pace. how rushing or slacking can ruin a great piece of writing - it taught me how to find myself within my writings.

now - almost 7 yrs after the fact, i desire to have a type writer of my own. a writing table in the corner of the room with nothing but my thoughts and an old type writer.

Thursday, March 6, 2008

51. Designer Ghislaine Vinas

i keep hearing, "spring is in the air" but my reality is another foot of snow by end of week!! i needed something to pick me up and bring some light back into my world ...

who better than designer Ghislaine Vinas.

full of bold vibrant colors, spunky unique textures and lots oh lots oh style!

"Color excites me. As a child, I would feel a rush of excitement when opening a box of crayons and seeing all the colors interact and relate. I still feel the same excitement when I see colors come together in a room." - GV

i feel the same way when i see her interiors, i don't know very many people who can use and create spectacular interiors like her using such bold vibrant colors! the key when using colors, a little goes a long way!

50. Michael Robinson Photography

Michael Robinson has a great eye for capturing spaces at a great angle. very rhythmic and bold.