Saturday, January 17, 2009

Day Beds

I'm all about functionality and practicality, and to me, "day beds" yell out practical and functional!

I've been wanting to invest in a good day bed for awhile now but never got around to doing it until we moved into a space with a solarium. What better than a beautiful day bed in the sun filled solarium where we can sit and read, have guests sleep in or just a lounge out area.

Here are just a few day bed ideas for you to consider:

Day beds are great for extra seating or a seating alternative in a small space, great for bedrooms. It's deep enough to fill up with pillows and use as a sofa or as a guest bed for guests or a simple afternoon nap. Not only that, but snuggle up on a day bed while watching a movie, it's one of the most comfy, romantic things!

Day beds are also great outdoor eye candy. Whether on a porch, backporch, back yard or just smack dab in the center of the yard, it's luxury magnified. Can't you just imagine a good girlfriend talk over coffee outside on a day bed???

3.Storage/A side thought
Day beds are also great if you have space underneath for extra storage and an afterthought in a space. Extra seating in a living room or family room where you can dress up but also leave aside as an accessory to the space.

here are some more great day bed images!
all images from pottery barn


Sharon Colaco D'Souza said...

That's such a beautiful post. I loved the day bed with the bamboo coffee table and the jute inlay work and the gorgeous black finish!


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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