Saturday, January 17, 2009

The Perfect Yard

all images from my home ideas

My idea of the perfect backyard would be a place for outdoor dining, relaxing, entertaining, gardening and play. The designer's solution for the image above was to prune back the hedges to open up the yard to light and create a series of sunny living spaces. What I personally love most about this yard is that it has designated spaces for everything in an enclosed private yet open space.

Another thing, I've always wanted a guest house in my back yard. A place where I can go to relax or a place we can put guests in without feeling as if we constantly have someone in our own house. It gives them their privacy and us ours. The above image really incorporates everything I want in a yard, therefore it's the perfect yard in my books!

Imagine waking up to this view?! It's -35 today so all I can do is imagine.


Anonymous said...

I think it's pretty close to that temp around here this morning. Very chilly and that is all one can do is imagine. Brrrr!!

Love the photos. Especially the bedroom shot.

Randy Maas said...

I saw in your 11/08 blog you're expecting. I'm wondering how you are doing and is everything ok. BTW, I've enjoyed a pleasant evening viewing your posts. I gather you are a born again believer? If so, then we are brother and sister in our Lord Jesus Christ. Have a blessed day! Randy.

Black on White said...

Oh, if only I could have my own yard. Now I can only dream about it.
Dreams are dreams, and always so strength giving.

Lisa Canning said...

Hey Jennifer,

Love your blog- just posted yours on my blog as one of my favourites!

Happy designing,

Lisa Canning

Alkemie said...

WOW, that is a really cool backyard and a guesthouse like that would be divine!

Karen O.

Jennifer Lee said...

thanks Lisa for dropping by!

massi said...

I cna't even imagine How beautiful would be wake up in a sunday morning...and just have a walk in a place that that...


Colour Me Happy said...

I simply adore those french doors from the bedroom. That is my idea of a perfect bedroom!