Saturday, January 17, 2009

Vday from Olive Rue

this is the prize I'm aiming at!

Olive Rue has started her 1st Annual Valentine's Day Giveaway and I've entered my ballot. All you have to do is leave her a comment detailing the best Valentine's Day you have ever had. Based on the comment-ee she will have someone draw a name to pick a winner on Feb 7th :)

I have entered with my best valentines day details, but here it is for all of you to read as well.

Flash Back To Valentines Day 2003
My best vday didn't actually fall on Feb 14th. If it did, it would have been too obvious. Instead, after work on a Thurday evening (the 13th) my then boyfriend, now husband, picked me up at the Eaton Center (Toronto's largest Mall downtown Toronto). I worked a few minutes away from there and we had planned to meet after work to subway home together. As much as I could of caught on, I didn't suspect anything because we had made vday plans for the next day. So, we meet and he tells me that he has to go pick something up from a friend of his who just happens to be in town for the weekend at the Sheridan Hotel across the street.

We go - he walks us up to a room and as soon as he opens the door I notice a row of rose petals leading into the room. Now I realize what has just happened. The room was decked out with all my favorite flowers (tulips, daisies, gerbras and so many more), on the bed was a basket full of my favorite things, books i haven't had time to read, chocolates, teas, etc....

This was my vday weekend. We played hookie the next day from work and stayed over at the hotel for the next 2 days just reading, cooking, walking around town, talking, laughing ... one of the best qualitiy times ever. I'm not big on big expensive feats but the kicker is, his friend actually was in town that weekend and he had vouchers for the Sheridan which he used for our hotel stay. We ate and cooked in the hotel together and all my flowers he got for my aunts florist for cost!

This was my best vday because it was the only day that lasted an entire weekend with the one person I love the most in my life. Quality time we never had time for. But aside from that, my husband is the most non-romantic person in the world with no imagination or creative bone in his business minded body. So the fact that he went to all the trouble of putting this together for me really showed me that he cared and that he went out of his comfort zone put me first. I love him!


Anonymous said...

Hey Girl. Thanks for posting this. I think maybe I need to go back and clarify on my blog that I'm bot choosing the best Valentine's Day comment...I will have someone draw a name out of all the comments that were left for me. Sorry didn't mean to confuse you. :-)

Jennifer Lee said...

hey hey - yes that's what i thought you meant... ;) can't wait to see who wins.