Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Baby Bash

within the past 2 weeks i've received word from 4 girlfriends that they're expecting this year! i'm telling you, it's a domino effect. once 1 girl gets knocked up, there goes a whole handful all together. so the baby room conversations started up again and i'm so anxious and excited to help them all.... :)

here are a few tips i like to give soon to be mothers.

whether you have a room set aside for the new addition or have to settle with creating a separate area for the baby in an already occupied space, plan ahead. get a good idea of where the baby's space will be and make sure you have enough space for everything you'll need. a baby may be small but they require a lot of "stuff" so plan ahead!

like i said, babies may be tiny little humans but they have some must have requirements. when i create baby rooms, i always keep in mind these must have items: storage. storage is a must and should always be calculated as a priorty when planning a nursery. for diapers, clothes, blankets, accessories, lotions etc... babies require a lot of changing of all kinds so easily accessible storage is a must have.

when you're child is crying at 3am and you require to feed them every 2 hours there after, a comfortable chair by the baby crib is a luxury you'll not soon forget. make sure the chair is first and foremost comfortable with an arm rest which helps when you craddle your child in your arms for breastfeeding and secondly, i recommend rocking chairs as the slight rocking motion helps when you're half asleep trying to get your baby to fall asleep.

i'm not one for theme rooms and as cute as it may be for kids, they grow up real fast. unless you want to be re-decorating your childs room every few months or years, keep to a neutral room that your kids can grow up in. i create baby rooms for the parents, i mean the baby's not going to appreciate anything in there so really it's for the comfort, style and preference of the parents. however, you want a space that you can change and adjust real quickly without too much effort for your child so keep the room neutrally grown up.


Nay-K said...

i am going to be a mommy too this year and the pictures are so inspiring! thanks for sharing ;-)

Cynthia said...

That crib is really gorgeous, do you know what brand it is?

Anonymous said...

its a larkin sleigh crib

Anonymous said...

That room is gorgeous! What color was used on the walls?

Anonymous said...

I would also love to know what color that is. How peaceful and elegant...