Sunday, January 11, 2009

Michael Del Piero

Let me introduce you to designer Michael Del Piero whose work I recently fell in love with. She has an amazing ability to create sophisticated interiors with clean lines and a refined palette paralleled by an expert approach to creating textural richness. Michael's unique gift for infusing her sophisticated compositions with carefully curated, personally sourced exotic finds from around the globe results in inviting and unpredictable interiors with a careful balance of elements.



Jamie said...

Love those pendant lights in the last pictures! Some great finds here!

Jennifer Lee said...

The lights are fantastic - so raw.

Black on White said...

Thanks for introducing Michael Del Piero for us. For me she's an new acquaintance. I really like her style.
Last picture was my favourite again. The elements play well together.
I add you to my blog list. I hope that many people can find your blog. You have good style. Keep on going!

Jennifer Lee said...

Thanks black on white.