Tuesday, December 30, 2008

for the love of all things eames

when i started discussing baby room options for my pregnant girlfriend, the eames rocker came up and of course this lead to a whole gushing of eames love. she knows i've been dying to pick up an eames lounger after our move. my husband works right in the heart of toronto and at the bottom of his building is a furniture store where lies a classic eames chair currently on sale for the holidays.

we've been coveting but have been trying to be reasonable with our finances as we just moved into a new place and we're trying to hold tight on our wallet reins. but boy do i love the eames.

jenn: "i couldn't think of a better place to put an eames rocker than in a babies room"
friend: "...tell ed (my husband) to convince dennis that i need one pls! after all, it's for the baby!"


Jamie said...

YES! Great post! I love all things Eames. Just wish I could afford them!

Jennifer Lee said...

I've been drooling over Eames too ... sigh.