Thursday, December 18, 2008

Planting indoors

image by hgtv

i have a delema, we have this great open solarium with floor to ceiling windows overlooking the city at 14 storeys above ground. it's fantastic. the solarium connects to our gallery kitchen on one end and to our living room on the other. it's also one of the first spaces you see when you walk in the door as it's an extension to our living space. so my delema, i want to use the solarium as extra seating, like a reading room or just a lounge but i want to incorporate greens!

i love nature and anyway i can incorporate mother nature into my interiors i'm all for it. but how... i don't have much of a green thumb and i have no idea where to start when trying to bring green into a space. i'm green dumb!

i love the look of this planter box. it's so chic.


Miles Johnson said...

The first pictue came straight outta my dream house! You space sounds just as enviable: Floor to ceiling windows, 14 floors up- delicious! All I can say about inside plants is that most take way more light than they claim on their information picks. I always choose "low-light" plants- the spikey one in the white footed planter (my mom calls those Mother-In-Law Tongue) are really good inside, I have a couple. Best of luck to you! Thanks for the pictures!!

flow said...

"Mother in law tongue" - thats hilarious!!!

thanks for the advice.

Alkemie said...

I love the first photo and the idea of indoor lanscaping/planting! Hope you had a wonderful Christmas Jen :)