Monday, December 29, 2008

the work room

my girlfriend steph and i walked up and down queen west looking for fun and unique fabrics for cushions and floor pillows but came up empty after the one store we really wanted to visit, we were greeted by a big "closed" signed. the work room is Toronto's first sew and craft by the hour space!

steph introduced me to this place last month and ever since i've been dying to drop by. they have a growing collection of colourful printed cotton fabrics. the entire Denyse Schmidt "Katie Jump Rope" collection, many prints from her "Fleamarket Fancy" collection, cute Heather Ross prints, and Lecien from Japan. Finally, you can shop locally for all those gorgeous printed fabrics. This is just the beginning, they are expecting many more fabrics including Joel Dewberry, Echino and Kokka from Japan.

the next time i drop by i'll make sure it's not a monday and i'll be sure to show you all the lovely prints i pick up.

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Julie said...

Wow previous! New York has a few craft oriented stores and knitting rooms but I don't think we quite have the mentality for a nice spot to be mellow in like that