Thursday, January 31, 2008

20. Sheepskin Rug

image by livingetc

do you know where i can find a rug like this one.
i really really want.


Unknown said...

The Rug Company

Anonymous said...

Hey Jennifer,

Just wanted to drop a quick line to let you know that I've become a daily reader of yours over the last 2-3 months (originally on "i for an i:nterior"). My boyfriend and I are going through our first renovation and your blog has served as sort of a daily "pep talk" for me! In fact, it's inspired me to blog our own renovation experience: . Thanks for the great resource!

Jennifer Lee said...

thanks erika for dropping by so often! i'm really glad this blog was able to act as a source of inspiration, that's what it's here for :)

i can't wait to see how your renos are going. i'll be dropping by myself to your new blog.

Alkemie said...

Hey Jen, I did a post a bit back on sheepskin and cowhide rugs that lists some resources.

I have a smaller one in my living room. I Love the feel of it under my feet :)