Wednesday, January 30, 2008

19. Tag - You're It!

because i was tagged by
Jennifer at My Designing Life and Michelle at Just Image whose blogs by the way are great reads full of amazing eye treats!, i decided to post today on my 7 random facts.

5 random facts about me
(i'm only doing 5 because i don't have much time to do this)

1. i never liked small dogs until my parents brought home little miss june a couple years ago, and i'm not just saying this because she's my parent's dog but she's the prettiest, most cutest maltese you'll ever see!

now i love little dogs. i want a house full of little junes!

2. don't let my passion for design, small frame at 5'4, soft spoken voice and kind hearted demeanor fool you. hehe. i'm a 3rd dan black belt in tkd, have trained in a variety of combat sports at a national level and have instructed kick boxing and womens self defense classes as a hobby throughout toronto.

where as many women would want to associate themselves with being these girls

when the subject of mma cage fighting comes up, i want to be these girls!

don't get me wrong, i don't promote violence, in fact i hate violence but if two professionally trained athletes want to duke it out in a ring to see whose better than who, i'm all for it. when done professional with rules and regulations, it's a sport and a sport i've fallen in love with.

3. i don't drink coffee. but every morning i have to have my cup of natural loose leaf green tea.

4. my third passion in life is photography. especially wedding and engagement photography where i get a chance to build new relationships and really get to know my clients on an intimate level. the photos just make more sense to me that way!

5. i have an obsession with scarves! i wear them all 4 seasons out of the year!



Jennifer said...

Hey Jenn! Thanks for playing! It's nice to learn a bit more about you. 3rd dan black belt in tkd -- that is VERY impressive. Your photos are beautiful, btw.

justimagine said...

I love sweet white fluffies too !!! I have one myself named Pippy!

Your photos are fantastic, great getting to know you!!!

flow said...

thanks ladies. it was great playing and so awesome getting to know other bloggers on a more personal level :)

Gee said...

no coffee??? *gasp*

flow said...

that's right geehaud... i'm trying to quit the bad coffee and i like my tea!

All Things Bright and Beautiful... said...

Your pooch is GORGEOUS jen - what a cutie!! and the wrestling makes me laugh!!!

flow said...

F, sorry to do this but it's not wrestling - it's MMA (mixed martial arts)...LOL!

You can't break a mans arm and have it be legal in wrestling. tee hee

Richie Designs said...

I totally wear scarves all year round too!!

flow said...

yah - all cool people do! HAHA

Alkemie said...

This is such a fun post!! I love scarves too and your pooch is so cute!