Saturday, February 7, 2009

The Perfect Reading Nook

I have yet to do anything with my dining living room walls. It's just a massive blank canvas that stretches over 16ft long on 3 sides of my house. Ideally, I'd love to combine creating a black and white family photo wall with a built in bookshelf but how to do it so it connects with the rest of the house and doesn't over power the dining area. Here are some really great inspirational images I used to jump start off of ....

I love the symmetry of this look. It seems off balance with the placement of the seating area but the bookshelf itself is perfect. The vertical strip across the bottom is a great touch to add more space.

A reading nook like this in a bedroom or in the corner of your house somewhere is ideal. It's cozy, warm and the bookshelf just connects everything together in the background.

Creating custom bookshelves around a doorway is very clever as that's usually space that goes unused. It adds drama and gives great visual impact. A great use of space.

all images are from Better Homes and Garden


Anonymous said...

I'm so envious of all those places. I would love to have a media center like that.

Alkemie said...

I LOVE reading nooks.

Dana said...

Reading need special cozy and comfy place to relax and enjoy the book you wanna read.

These areas created in the room mentioned looks great. Sensible use of space.