Sunday, February 8, 2009

Office Inspiration


i do a lot of my work from home, and ever since our move into the new place we haven't had time to fully set up my office space yet. however, i finally decieded to take the solarium as my office which will give me plenty of natural light which i love!

if you're like me and have to find inspiration in a small nook, how you set up your little inspirational nook is very important. it needs to speak to you and make you feel comfortable enough to truly be inspired. here are some great images of office spaces.


gj said...

grrr my "office" is frustrating me right now...i need to find a solution FAST! I hate the way it is right now it's in the living room and there's no privacy! i need partitions, ikea only has 1 type and it's $100!!!

Jennifer Lee said...

get creative!

Black on White said...

I have always so many works at the time that I really need a lot of desk space. It's easier to keep all the papers in order.
And natural light. It's important and helps me keep on going.

Juste said...

i love the photos above! These places don't remind me the office, they look very comfortable and cosy.