Sunday, March 9, 2008

52. Love to write

my first year in law school i worked part time for a great criminal lawyer in the heart of toronto's downtown core. it was my first time working downtown and more than anything i was excited to work in a modern toronto office, so you can imagine my surprise when my new part time boss sat me down in front of an antique type writer instead of the latest mac laptop and told me that this would be my new desk.

my love for our legal system soon faded, but my passion for antiques and that typewriter stayed. in fact, it started to grow and branch out like a wild weed in furtile soil. i had a new passion.

my part time boss had a good reason for sitting me in front of this type writer. it taught me how to be patient with my writings, to think before i acted, control, time management but the most important thing i took from it, it taught me how to appreciate the beauty, style and importance of doing things at my own pace. how rushing or slacking can ruin a great piece of writing - it taught me how to find myself within my writings.

now - almost 7 yrs after the fact, i desire to have a type writer of my own. a writing table in the corner of the room with nothing but my thoughts and an old type writer.


At Home with Kim Vallee said...

This is nice inspirational writing. I stressed in front of a typewriter by the fear to make an error. Even though you can correct an error it will still show. So I get frustrated because it does not look good. Therefore I try to apply the same discipline with my laptop. Especially in the electronic age, what you write stays forever.

The top vignette is so adorable. Looking like that, a typewriter feels so romantic.

flow said...

the age of electronics is right. so often i forget the luxuries we emerse ourselves in daily that i have to take a step back to appreciate it.

Alkemie said...

I love old typewriters too! I may not use one but I certainly admire them.