Thursday, March 6, 2008

51. Designer Ghislaine Vinas

i keep hearing, "spring is in the air" but my reality is another foot of snow by end of week!! i needed something to pick me up and bring some light back into my world ...

who better than designer Ghislaine Vinas.

full of bold vibrant colors, spunky unique textures and lots oh lots oh style!

"Color excites me. As a child, I would feel a rush of excitement when opening a box of crayons and seeing all the colors interact and relate. I still feel the same excitement when I see colors come together in a room." - GV

i feel the same way when i see her interiors, i don't know very many people who can use and create spectacular interiors like her using such bold vibrant colors! the key when using colors, a little goes a long way!


Emma said...

I love the table in the second pic. I also love the Saarinen in the last. We own the Saarinen, but lately I've been thinking of ebaying it. I'm having an awful time finding chairs to go with it.

Originally, I wanted white Panton's as it's our kitchen table (easy clean up, because someone always spills). We bought the high gloss fiberglass ones, but there was one catch, well two: Staticky, but that wasn't a big deal, I rubbed them with anti-static spray. The problem was sitting on them soo cold on the derriere. So we returned them and now sit on stools we had, until I find the perfect chairs.

The other thing is the marble, I thought it would be so much easier then glass, but it’s so sensitive, you really have to be careful if you spill or drop food (but it’s our kitchen table). It’s very prone to staining.

Mr. D says that we should just go with a white base black marble top (so I can’t see the stains) and white panton’s with cushions. But I don’t know, I think it’s the disappointment that holds me back. And I’m trying to figure out if I’m really just in love with the picture and the idea of owning a Saarinen.

Anyway this is way too long for a comment. You can really tell it’s been bothering me for a while.

cupcake monkey said...

Ooh!! I love every single photo!!! Now I have another designer crush!!

j u s t i m a g i n e said...

Blue and green does it for me every time !

Alkemie said...

So Crisp and clean. I really love the colors! I really like the green chairs in the bottom right photo.

acaligurl said...

love the green chair with white upols.very chic.