Tuesday, February 26, 2008

45. Next Project - Live In Work In Space!

my next project starting up at the end of spring is a live in / work in space.
my client is starting up a new business and he wants to convert his loft space into his home office, but he also plans to continue living there as well. the space isn't very big, and it's completely open concept so my biggest challenge is making the space functional as both a home & office where clients will be visiting and meeting.

so i started looking around for some great inspirational images and here is what i came up with ...

image by accor hotels

image by Violet designs

image by imedagoze


Richie Designs said...

I immediately thought of an elevated platform either to set bedroom above or the office.

but like really elevated....like tree house-ish if there is roof space in the loft.


Jessica Claire said...

I love the violet design!

It looks very functional

Alkemie said...

wow! the red and white really is dramatic. When will you post some photos of your projects!! Can't wait to see them.

cupcake monkey said...

Wow! I love those spaces!!

Patricia Gray said...

What great inspirational images. I am sure that your design will be fantastic!

katiedid said...

Sounds like a great project to work on! I look forward to seeing the results. I like your inspiration pictures.