Monday, February 4, 2008

26. Design Studio

this year started with a BANG!

i've been so busy trying to get myself in order for the projects at hand that i decided to look for a partner this year. usually i don't take on more than a project at at time since i usually work alone and have so many other projects running on the side but this year i had a few requests i couldn't pass up. i thought if i could meet someone who's in the same boat as i am and willing to join forces to create a great little company, how amazing would that be!

ideally i would like to find someone who has design experience and a list of their own clientele already in place so i placed an add last week and had some amazing responses. i'm meeting with a few people this week and next to get a better understanding of where everyone's coming from and to also introduce myself and my ideas. any suggestions???

planning this whole thing, i was brought back to my experiences working part time during school at a bridal boutique in yorkville. one thing i loved about going to work was the atmosphere. the boutique was beautiful, full of glamourous accessories and furnished like you wouldn't believe. i always thought to myself, when i start my own studio i want to design it like a bridal boutique :)

image from flickr's carine's bridal


Gee said...

I'll quit my job so we can join forces!

flow said...

yah i wish!!!! LOL

i'm meeting up with people this weekend and next week. fingers crossed!

Kari & Kijsa said...

We could work without stopping for days if our studio looked like that too! Fabulous!
kari & kijsa

Alkemie said...

Wow Jen! This is so exciting! And the idea of a bridal shop, how dreamy :) That means business is good and it would be so much fun for you to have a partner (of course with the right one.) Do keep us posted on how your first round of meetings go!

flow said...

kari & kijsa, i agree - i wouldn't want to leave my studio :)

thanks karen!
i will definitely keep you posted on the progress.

Jessica Claire said...

which bridal boutique did you work at jen?

flow said...

jessica, i used to work at Rahamanian Houte Couture which i believe is no longer there anymore.