Wednesday, January 9, 2008

5. V-Day Planning

i was going through my hard drive and came across this photo which was taken when my husband and i first started dating over 6yrs ago. (my time flies!)

i think over 6 yrs ago is also when we started and stopped planning romantic outings for each other just for the sake of being romantically in love. so this year i made a new yrs resolution to spark that flame again. i've always been a romantic person but with a busy work schedule, family life, personal life and more work something somewhere has died, and we've become so immune to it all. a sad reality i think a lot of couples fall into.

tonight i started planning out my valentines plans for this year! being that v-day is the 14th and we now officially have "family day" in canada on the 18th, that gives me a full 4 day weekend to plan something extraordinary for us!

stay tuned ... i will keep you all posted!!!


Jennifer R. said...

hi jen,
aww sweet! : )
u look good together, hes handsome!
Anyhow, glad to see your new blog is up! :)

all the best,

Jen Ramos
'100% Recycled DESIGNER Cards'

flow said...

thanks jen!

we've both changed a lot since then but at least we're still together :)

thanks for dropping by!

jenn lee~

cupcake monkey said...

How sweet!
I have this and your former blog in my faves!..I hope that's okay! :)

flow said...

of course!!

thanks for dropping by cupcake monkey!

jenn lee

Alkemie said...

Jen, that is a really great idea! Looking forward to see what you are planning. I'm sure your hubby will be very pleasantly suprised :)

flow said...

I will keep you posted!

Me, Myself, & I said...

What a sweet picture.

What a wonderful reminder (for me)to not let the "spark" die!