Wednesday, January 9, 2008

4. Curb Appeal - The First Impression You Can't Make Twice

in my old neighbourhood i used to drive by an old black house. when i first laid eyes on it, it was nothing special. then one day i noticed a sign on the front lawn and the next thing i know they were in construction mood. i would drive by and make note of all the advancements in the re-design and anxiously await for more! it was like a drug, the anxiety of seeing what else they would do to this place. upon completion it turned into a beautiful black and red clayish brick structure with gorgeous details and a curb appeal that would turn any head! that's when i realized the importance of exterior design.

many people ignore the exterior of their home, but in reality it's the face of the house. the first impression you can't make twice. i think the exterior of a structure is just as important as the interior and so i'm devoting this post on what i love to call "first impressions".

i would love to take photos of this little black house with its new face lift but i felt awkward taking photos of another person's house. in fact, i have a handful of favorite exterior homes spanning from downtown toronto all the way to niagra on the lake where i fell in love with a beautiful white and red estate off the lake.

as much as i appreciate modern box like architectural master pieces that seem to be popping up at every little corner like popcorn, i love old architecture and an exterior with personality. i love details and a home that feels like a home. i came across these images on flickr and wanted to share. real homes for real people.

do i have your attention?


Anonymous said...

Hi Jennifer, Happy New Year to you. Discovered your Blog thru another.
I agree with you regarding first impressions-curb appeal- its so important. I stay in the Tropics, and we get an abundance of lush colour all year round, but we also have to protect our plants from too much sunlight. I keep re-arranging my potted plants and decorative items in my garden/porch frequently, as I enjoy seeing change!My friends are always commenting on my ideas, but I think its not too difficult if the interest is there.
Thanks for sharing the pictures above, is there any way they can be enlarged to see more clearly? After all thats where we get inspiration from- other peoples great ideas!
Sorry for such a long, first post, Regards, Mrs Singh from Malaysia

Alkemie said...

I totally agree that curb appeal and first impressions are very important. Funny thing is I'm doing a post on that last tiny house you have there at the bottom for my Friday post :-)

flow said...

Hi Mrs.Singh from Malaysia. Thanks for dropping by!

Anonymous said...

So very true! And I love the fact that you picked "real homes for real people" to highlight...something everyone can relate to.

I'm loving the first photo.