Monday, January 7, 2008

2. To Wed or Not To Wed

with the new year comes a new season for soon to be brides to start wedding conference hopping, gown shopping and event planning. i already know of 8 weddings we need to be present at this year, 1 of which i am in the wedding party, 2 of which i'm planning, and another 2 i'm photographing.

i usually give myself a good year if possible to organize and plan for weddings but devote most of my time into the last 5-6 months for a large event. outside of creating homes for people, my other passion is to create lasting memories!

as i go along i will definitely post updates and photos of events in progress but in the meantime, be inspired by these fantastic photos of beautiful events from Martha Stewart Living


Gee said...

lol! finally :P

flow said...

i know i know! :)
thanks for dropping by.

jenn lee~

Anonymous said...

Yipppeee! It's finally here! Congrats.

I'm honored to be on your links page but if you don't mind me saying that my name is my URL and not my link. I know I probably made it confusing...(sorry.) I actually wish I could change that now but would hate for everyone to have to find me again! Thanks.

flow said...

i know what you mean - a lot of bloggers do that. i'll fix it :)

thanks for dropping by!

jenn lee~

melissa @ the inspired room said...

Lovely blog!


flow said...

Thanks for dropping by Melissa and for you kind words ~

Jenn Lee~