Saturday, December 5, 2009

Mellow Yellow

my husband found a yellow Kitchen Aid Artisan 10 speed stand mixer and he's really wanting to have it, mainly because it's yellow.

Him: i want something yellow in the kitchen because it's so bright! it'll brighten up the space.
Me: yeah, but all our kitchen accessories are red.
Him: but there's nothing much we can get that's yellow otherwise.
Me: what do you mean, like home accessories.
Him: yes.

and so this blog is for my husband. there are so many great, wonderful yellow accessories you can add to your house, outside of the kitchen!


Anonymous said...

Lovely pictures - I love yellow when paired with more subdued colors like you captured here.

xox cara of City Girl Chicago

Black on White said...

Your husband is great!

Ooh, how lovely linens in the last picture!

Jennifer Lee said...

chicago - yellow is a fantastic color, especially with gray.

black on white - i agree, he is quite great! :P

Alkemie said...

That's pretty funny Jenn. I adore the living room in the first photo! How cool! Hopefully you'll be able to find another yellow splash of color other than having to commit to buying a kitchen appliance in the color :) It's cool that your hubby is interested though lol. The duvet cover on the last photo is lovely too.

Karen :)

Mélanie said...

Love these pics ! i love to add yellow accessories into my home and decoration projects

purple area said...

Lovely images, the bedroom looks great!

Richie Designs said...

i love yellow!

Emily A. Clark said...

Awww, just when I think I'm over yellow, I see these lovely pics :) Just found your blog; love it!

Down Pillow said...

Lovely pics Specially i liked that bed image. It's look stunning. Great post. Thanks for sharing