Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Curtain Dividers

I've always been fascinated with using curtains as a room divider but have never seen a space use it before live so I can't help but wonder how good it actually would look if ulitized. The concept is simple and great, but the error of making a space look separate yet chic instead of clinical and hospital like, I feel treads on a very thin line!

I'm trying to divide my bedroom into two separate sections and wanted to try out the curtain divider idea. Here are some of my inspirational images.

This room doesn't leave anything to the imagination. The curtains act as a backdrop but also a visual divider still sheer enough to see through. Its very soft and elegant.

This image isn't really of a draped room divider, rather to hide what's behind the drapes, the bookshelf. In this case, I love the color of the drapes and the mass size of it acting as a backdrop to the seating area.

What are your thoughts? Yay or nay on dividing a space using drapes???


Anonymous said...

Hey there! I totally think go for it ~ I think you'll choose the right fabric so there's no risk to looking clinical ~ have faith :)

I was wondering, perhaps you would consider adding me to your blogroll (if you think your readers would enjoy my blog of course)? I have had you on mine for a couple of months, and would very much like to expand my readership to other parts of the world ~ *mucho graci*

Alkemie said...

Totally Yay on drapes for dividing as long as you have the right fabric. That living room is one of my favorites!!

Mrs C said...

Not too sure about the drapes as room dividers, but ooooh that colour green is stunning!