Friday, November 27, 2009

Winter Bedroom

My husband shocked me last night ...

Husband: "I think we should switch up our bedding"
Me: "how come?"
Husband: "It's winter now"
Husband: "We should use this bedding for the spring summer months and get new winter bedding to make the bedroom more cozy and warm"

If you know my husband, you know he's the last person to suggest anything on design or decor. He doesn't care what things look like, just wants it to be comfortable when he sits or sleeps in it. So the fact that he brought this up to my attention literally took me back a few steps. I must be rubbing off.

It started making me think, yes, we do need to warm up our bedroom a bit. So we're off to look for some bedding this weekend. In the meantime, I'll leave you with some great inspirational bedroom images.

Have a great weekend!

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Merilin said...

Ohh... the last one is really really cozy!:) If you mind, you could post about your bedroom after that little make-over!:)

Jennifer Lee said...

will do!

Mi Vida Bonita said...

Oh I LOVE it. You are rubbing off on hime, in a great way! Love the 2nd to last image!

Anonymous said...

ah! your husband has just planted the idea of new bedding now for me too - perhaps he could talk to my hubby to convince him? ;-)

Jennifer Lee said...

Chicago - I'm totally looking for new bedding now... there should be a mens interior design support group! LOL