Friday, November 20, 2009

Sun Room Dilemma

dilemma dilemma...

i have a 5x16 rectangular sun room in our condo with floor to ceiling windows which we used to use as our "computer/office" area - but now that we got rid of our computer and we both work on laptops in the bedroom, this space has become somewhat barren.

now i'm thinking of transforming it into a reading/lounge area, and here are some inspirational images that caught my attention. i really like the idea of having a day bed in our sun room. a place were we can read and sit or just take a nap in.

this bookshelf and chair image is exactly what i'm thinking of. a big chair like that you can just snuggle into with a good book and a hot tea/coffee, whatever tickles your fancy.

i have some planning to do.
happy weekend everyone!


Anonymous said...

Happy Weekend! I had missed seeing your postings being updated in my blogroll - welcome back! :)

I love the idea of making a cozy sunny room~ perhaps a chaise lounge would fit well? they are the epitome of romancing furniture to me :)

Jennifer Lee said...

Thanks Chicago!
I was thinking of a chaise as well, but then I figured a day bed can be used as seating and as a guest bed so I opted for that option instead.

Alkemie said...

Jennifer, you're so lucky to have a sun room! I kept on staring at the photo of that daybed/bed. A place to be able to nap and read sounds like a dream :)


Jennifer Lee said...

thanks karen - although it's kind of a hate love relationship i have with this space. the extra space in a condo is always a welcomed treat but it has also been a headache trying to decide what to do with the space. LOL