Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Red Rose Ruby

I'm probably the only girl out there that doesn't really fancy purses ... don't get me wrong, I can appreciate a nice bag but put a Marc Jacobs bag or a Jimmy Choo shoe in front of me and I'm all over that foot decor!

So when I came across these hand made cluthes by Rowena I was shocked as to how much I loved the beautiful crafted handmade cluthes. She makes these by incorporating her own collage/photographic images onto the fabric which I feel adds a very distinct personal touch.

Very sexy, sleek and feminine ....

They're like beautiful pieces of art that you can walk around with. So stunning. There are so many cluthes, please take a peek on Rowena's site when you get a chance.


Black on White said...

The first one is so beautiful!
So simple, so classic.

henzy said...

of love these clutch's so pretty