Saturday, January 10, 2009

New start new life

a friend and i were talking yesterday about the current state of our economy when we stumbled unto the real estate market and how for the right person, this would be the most ideal time to purchase. very little to no interest rates, dropping property costs and tons of homes for sale. as sad and unfortunate the market is right now for some, for others it's prime time.

a dream of mine has been to flip homes. i've slowly but surely been building a team of reliable partners to start this venture with and in toronto, flipping homes hasn't been that big of a sport. for me though, flipping isn't about make a buck. flipping is for me about turning old unwanted houses into beautiful homes that people can love once again. that's what design means to me, a being a part of someones soul, a reflection of themselves and a place or a thing they can personally connect too. so i'm moving on up from reviving furniture, i want to start reviving homes!

for example, older condos which are getting less and less attention these days with all our super modern condos rising every day, have great potentional to be extraordinary. they have great structural backbone, great space compared to the new condos and every potential in the world to be fantastic!

just some thoughts while sitting here on a saturday morning.
here are some great design inspirations of mine from all around the globe at shoot factory...

talk about open concept. brings new light to the word.

this gorgeous raw space from south africa.

or this fantastic clean white space from singapore.

design is universal and translates perfectly in any language.


Alkemie said...

I totally agree when it comes to flipping houses that there's a lot of satisfaction in making a house beautiful again so it can be someone's very much loved Home. And it's totally true that someone with the cash to do it - this coming year is probably the best time to buy.

Karen O :)

Black on White said...

Last one is my totally favourite. I wish I have one day such a spacious and light home.