Wednesday, September 3, 2008

68. Chair Flaire

i saw this image on design corner and had myself a good laugh. the point behind this hilarious chair pad is to transform your generic seating environment into a very modern blast from the past, with prints from antique chairs to classic Eames chairs at an affordable price. "If ya can’t afford an Eames, just make it like you have one."

the creator of this chair pad Chenhhui Su states "it not only transforms our generic seating objects, but also creates personal spaces in the public environment. It changes the environment immediately and temporarily, which in turn brings us an instant pleasure in daily life."

i couldn't agree with him more!
i personally love chairs. they serve so many purposes, from being a functional object to visually captivating objects, conversation starters. but most importantly, chairs can immediately transform a space. taking old, antique chairs and transforming them into beautiful, modern peices of art is what i love to do. here are a few of my favorite chair images.

image from fresh home

image by madison mag

image by homes & garden


T. Allen said...

Hi Jen,

I absolutely love the chairs in your photos especially the last one. The first chair is very creative. I would have never thought of that.

Thank you for visting my blog and leaving a great comment.


flow said...

hi tiaa,

thanks for dropping by. if you scroll down my blog you can see chairs that i've re-furbished.


Pascale said...

Ces chaises sont magnifiques, j'aime beaucoup le tissu.


flow said...

pascale, your chairs are fantastic as well!!

Alkemie said...

Ok those chair pads are TOtally hilarious!! I love the other picks you chose :) You know me and chairs Jen.


Laura Ingalls Gunn said...

Those chair pads are fantastic!