Tuesday, June 3, 2008

63. Diane & Peter

saturday diane & peter drove down to toronto from windsor and we spent the entire afternoon driving around town taking pre-2nd wedding reception photos.

diane & peter got married last year in vietnam and for their 1 yr anniversary they're celebrating again by holding another wedding reception here for their friends and family who couldn't attend their orignal wedding in vietnam. they're an awesome couple and i had such a great time!

i'll be in windsor on the 21st shooting the reception as well :)


Design-Shimmer said...

nice blog :)

Jennifer Lee said...


Lori aka Lo Lo said...

Beautiful!! Told Derek when I get preggers and when our child is born we will have to get you to take photos for us. You do a fab job.

Jennifer Lee said...

thanks lori. i'm keeping you guys to that! :)