Monday, February 25, 2008

43. Driving & Venting

photo from flickr, by JennyCornation Park, Oakville

edward & i went for a long drive out of town yesterday to clear our heads and to soak in some good fresh ideas for the upcoming month. we'll both be celebrating our birthdays in a few days and as much as i love to idea of birthdays, i don't like them being mine!

he asked me a question, "what would make you happy right now...?" to which i couldn't give an answer right away. i thought about it for awhile and now that question has consumed my entire body.

what would make me happy? ....

driving around town made me happy. visiting new and exciting places i've never seen before. i started to jot down intersections, addresses, locations and side notes of all the fantastic spots along the way as reference points to where i would want to come back to if i had a photoshoot or a set design. i was able to think freely without any boundries of client requests or budgets, for the first time in a very long time i felt free to do what i wanted to do and it felt great.


Richie Designs said...

happy b-day!

birthdays always seem such a good idea in theory don't they? A party for you...but then there's the catch, the reminder that you're a year older.

It's always amazing to me when I'm unhappy about something and I ask myself that question what would make me happy...that I have to be quiet for a bit before it's resolved. sometimes I'm grumpy just because I've missed that quiet time.

yeah for refueling!

massi said...

yes...too late...but: happy birthdays.


flow said...

well my birthday isnt till Tuesday :) my husband's birthday is today!

Me, Myself & I said...

A wonderful, picturesque drive is a simple pleasure that I love. Don't stress about the's not for a few more days at least!