Friday, February 15, 2008

36. Jump Into Spring

Spring Spring Spring.... i'm totally loving the new spring look at JC Crew

you know it's time to go shopping when ... spring is in the air


Gee said...

OMG i can't wait to wear shorts!!!!!! I know it was in style last year but I'm really feelin the shorts..I'm always a little slow with catching onto trends...LOOOOVE the shorts and the blazer look.

flow said...

you rock shorts missy!!!!
with legs like yours ...rawr! :)

Jessica Claire said...

I'm totally stopping into J Crew tomorrow in Miami- thanks for the heads up!

flow said...

hey no problem jessica!
have fun shopping in Miami!!!

Richie Designs said...

i *heart* JCrew

really want those crazy acid yellow capri pants they have -among many, many things there currently

acaligurl said...

i love the shorts and sweater.
too cute.