Tuesday, February 12, 2008

33. Closets

Dilemma ... Erika from The Virgin Renovators posted this question with regards to her quest room's reach in bifold closet ...

"So, here’s the big question from renovation headquarters:
what would you do? Sliding doors? Or remove them?
And if you were to remove them, would you frame it out somehow? Or paint the inside a different color/ different shade than the rest of the room? Frame it out with birch branches? Line the inside with bamboo strips? The field is wide open! I’d love to hear your creative ideas!"

my suggestions
personally, i don't like my personal belongings showing. doors on closets is a must for me unless it's behind a wall or a walk in, however i know many people who have completely open closets and they love it! i applaud their bravery... :) and i must admit, when done right, open closets look great! keep in mind however...

1) Lighting - everything always comes back to lighting. because the inside of a closet will be darker than the rest of the room, having lighting or a lighter shade of paint color inside the closet will bring the closet to life. if you're leaving your closet open for full view, you're naturally drawing attention to it so why now light it up! make it a focal point.

2) Frame it - a simple frame around the closet opening will really bring it out. tying the frame with the molding is a great idea in keeping things uniform.

3) Details - when you're putting something on display, you have to be very detail oriented. the rails you use to hang your clothes, the drawers you use, the wood, the finish, the small details in the knobs etc... detail detail detail is key in making it look clean, fresh, and modern!

and if you don't want to keep your closet open all the time, a simple solution is to add drapes from the inside of the closet to close it off if need be. curtains are great room dividers or mess hiders if you need something quick, cost effective and smart!

i'll leave you with a few of my favorite closet images to juice your imagination!


Erika said...

Thanks so much for this super insightful response! Love the pics, but I have to say... I have reservations about the whole concept, like you do. Thanks again, Jenn!

M.KATE said...

very nice picture and everything too :)