Tuesday, February 5, 2008

28. Are You Yellow?

Erika from The Virgin Renovators brought up a really good delema question on her blog this morning and i thought i would blog on it here as well since i've been getting this question a lot lately.

is it smart to do a whole room in one bold color?

Erika's choice of color was yellow, one of my favorite colors, but her delema was "do i paint the entire guest room yellow? or use yellow as an accent color?"

what do you think??? you can help her out by visiting her blog The Virgin Renovators and leaving your 2 cents!

when painting you need to take a few things into consideration,
1. lighting - you want to make sure the color you want looks like the color you want in your space. depending on your lighting - the amount of natural light in the space during the day & at night, select a few of your favorite shades and test it out in the room for 24 hours. make sure the color you want looks like the color you want inside the space because if you don't test it out first, you might be in for a rude surpise!

2. accents - once you've selected your color of choice, you need to make sure you have complimenting colors or shades to balance that stark bold walls. soft textures of white and light shades and patterns can take away from the starkness of bold colors, however if it's not done right, it can add to the chaos so make sure you do your homework first!

3. the purpose of the room - if this is a fun kids room where you want the kids to feel energized and happy everytime they enter then by all means, have your fun with the colors and go crazy but if this is a guest room or a bedroom where sanctuary and rest is the main purpose, becareful with the color choice. people don't realize this but color does have a huge effect on a person's mood and emotion. the wrong color on the wrong day can really start to mess with you!


Style Saves the World said...

I love that paneled yellow wall! (And your new blog - congrats!)

flow said...

thanks and thanks for dropping by!

Me, Myself & I said...

This room looks so clean and fresh...
Love it.

massi said...

You said the truth about painting rooms...ascpecially with bold colors.
I painted "Parma" yellow two walls of my small dining room (in my small apartment).
I have a quite big (for the room) window in the est-south wall, so room has a lot of light during half of the day. The final effect is really energizing.
I love warm yellow (as Parma yellow is) and bold colors too!

flow said...

me myself and i - that's exactly why i love this color!

massi - oh your dining room sounds awesome! i would love to see images :)

cupcake monkey said...

"the wrong color on the wrong day can really start to mess with you!"

You are so right!!

Jessica Claire said...

My bedroom in my university house was painted a soft mellow yellow and it helped me deal with London, Ontario's winter blahs

I'm all for yellow wall!

PS- the Sarah's House episode featuring the first room (the den/study combo) was on last week