Saturday, January 12, 2008

7. Lisa Sherry Interiors

If you have never come across designer Lisa Sherry, well let me be the first to introduce you.

"I believe in breaking the rules of traditional design, mixing old and new, classic and modern. I am inspired by tranquil, calm neutral colors, elements of nature and found objects."

Lisa Sherry

I was absolutely captivated by the ooze of comfort and style in her spaces. Everything I appreciate and love in a space she incorporates. For me, it's important for a home to feel like a home and Lisa is excellent at transforming spaces into homes. That feeling of wow at first glance followed by a continual sigh of relief of comfort in a space. That to me is the perfect space.

Contrary to what people may think, it's not easy creating a "white on white" room without it looking to stark and cold. The trick is use lots of textures on textures, patterns and layering to give the space a feeling of depth and warmth. I love how Lisa warms up a space by brining in lots of natural woods and blending them with different elements!


Nay-K said...

Thanks for sharing. I really love these pictures. The rooms look so fresh and bright!

flow said...

thansk nay-k.
yes - great interior photography is key to showcasing great work :)

justimagine said...

oooh I love this photo wall....fabulous !!!

As much as I love this white on white dreamy room....all the "calmness and serenity" I would soak up from living in this would be ruined by the stress of trying to keep it white.

flow said...

hi justimagine :)
thanks for dropping by.
haha ~ i think it takes a particular person to live in a white house. many i know couldn't last more than a month i think!