Monday, January 14, 2008

9. Fluff For Hire

i get emails all the time from fellow bloggers and newbie designers who are looking for answers or just simple guidance in the industry. to be completely honest, i too am a newbie and haven't been doing this for very long but i still feel the pressure and the responsibility to help others along the way. to share as much as i know and to assist in any way that i can. i've been working freelance for just over 2 years now and along the way i've had my share of inspiring individuals who have showed me the way and helped me get to where i am today. many of these people have been bloggers as well, along with great inspiration stories such as Amy Lenahan.

i've been keeping my eye on amy lenahan's i-interiors for a while now. i even wrote a post on her a while back but after reading so many different articles and blogs on her i thought i'd write about her again. why - because she inspires me!

i have a saying ...
"a home is a necessity, not a luxury"

i feel very strongly about this. most everyone has a house, a place they come to after a long day at work, but not many people have a home. a place they can call home! coming from a middle income family with middle income friends, i see on a daily basis people who desire and love style but just don't have the time nor the finances to live in it. mind you, everyone's idea of style and comfort is different, but one thing always remains the same...the concept that design is for wealthy people and stylish homes are for those who can afford it. i took a vow, when i start designing homes - i will reach out to those on a budget before those with a budget! and this is exactly what Amy Lenahan does!

"Amy Lenahan, an interior stylist, has established design i interiors to cater to "design-conscious yet budget-savvy homeowners and renters!"

she stands for many of the things i stand for and has a very parallel life story to mine. from calling ourselves interior stylists instead of interior designers to starting from marketing firms to small freelance projects. a greatly inspiring interview with her can be read here at Decor 8.

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